How it works


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Step 1

Quickly and easily record your swing by clicking the camera button in the middle of the tab at the bottom of the home screen.

Once you have filmed from one angle you can choose to send or add a second angle of your swing ie. face on and down the line.

Step 2

Once you are happy with 1 or 2 angles of your swing you are nearly ready to send to your professional. First you will have to option to add a comment for your pro to see.

We recommend using this function to describe any problems you are having or what you would like your pro to check. Once you are happy you’re ready to click send and payment will be processed securely.

Step 3

This is your job over and now your professional will receive a notification on his phone or tablet that your swing has arrived for analysis. He will use our built in software to analyse, compare and judge what is happening in your swing.

He will then send back to you feedback in the form of an annotated video with continuous voiceover and easy to see visual indicators where your swing is good and bad. At this point the professional will receive payment from you.

Step 4

Once your professional has sent back the mobile lesson you will get a notification in your phone to let you know your lesson is ready to view.

Once you have viewed the lesson it will be permanently stored and accessible to you to review wherever you are.